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About Diverge Finance

Diverge Finance is an employee-owned cooperative specializing in strategic financial leadership for nonprofits and wealth development and management for BIPOC-owned small businesses. As your collective finance advisor and strategist, we bring wide-ranging experiences and perspectives across race, culture, and gender identities that broaden your and our effectiveness. We partner with nonprofit organizations and small businesses to provide better understanding of your financials and to more responsibly steward your resources. As a response to the lack of diverse talent, resources, and leadership, we aim to build an inclusive financial ecosystem that advances exceptional BIPOC talent from all walks of life. We offer financial Position Fulfillment, Collective Financial Leadership, Collective Training Cohorts.

Our Services

Position Fulfillment

As a collective, we fill full-time, permanent financial leadership positions. Our collective approach provides a depth of expertise and breadth of experience beyond what most organizations would otherwise be able to access.

Financial Leadership

Our collective is available to join in, team up with, and come alongside your current finance leaders. Our experience and expertise augment your financial strategy, planning, and business modeling capacity. We amplify the leadership effectiveness of your existing financial leaders and support their success.

Collective Training Cohorts

We share our extensive understanding and experience of nonprofit business models, small business accounting setup, and financial leadership in various collective/cohort-based training offerings. Watch our site for upcoming cohorts.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Shétu Rose

An international nonprofit veteran with almost 20 years of financial management experience, Shétu Rose is a co-founder and co-CEO at Diverge Finance.

Luciano Patiño

An avowed finance and operations geek, Luciano Patiño is a co-founder and co-CEO at Diverge Finance.

Curtis Klotz

A CPA and champion of innovative nonprofit business models, Curtis Klotz is a co-founder and Chief Learning Officer at Diverge Finance.